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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Ken's Tale

A terrible thing happened in our home today.  Ken was decapitated. The head was found under a chair, and the body in the kitchen.  I think rigger mortise had set in.  I was sad.  Ken had been with us for 13 years. I buried him in the recycling bin.

In retrospect, he had a good life.  Surrounded by a harem of young, blond, tanned beauties.  You could say he was the centre of attention his whole life.  He never married, but who would with the undivided attention of ten young ladies?  A shame that he never had any children as I am sure they would have been a mixture of ruggedly handsome and beautifully blond.

He didn't really have a home.  I should have set him up in a wooden construction with cardboard on the back, depicting lovely homely scenes.  Instead, most of his life had been spent in a plastic purple tub, amongst lots of teeny weeny clothes (especially bikinis), stiletto shoes, hair brushes - and lots of pink, lots.  There would have been a fair amount of dust and not a lot of fresh air, and definitely not any other male company.

I fear the only exposure to other males would have been on the construction belt in the factory where he was, well constructed.  However that experience may have caused severe trauma as all the other men folk looked exactly the same as him.  He must have wondered where his brothers all went.  What their fate was? He probably struggled with feelings of abandonment.

So, men, if you are having a rough day.  Give a thought to Ken.  He could never get away from women!  He couldn't even drive, well not in our house, as we don't own a pink barbie car or even a moped.  Imagine, the PMT, nagging and bad hair days.  He never had the opportunity to sneak away to the local for a few pints, crisps and a quick game of darts.  No male joking or back slapping.  Nobody to call 'mate' or 'buddy'.  Quite a tragedy really.

RIP Ken boy.

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