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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Fish & Chipmunks...

There is a worrying trend amongst women and it goes way beyond what they eat for breakfast, how much they weigh or how quickly they have flattened their baby bumps. Its called 'fish lips' and 'chipmunk cheeks' aka fillers.

For a while, I couldn't work out what was wrong with certain celebrity's faces - they all had the same 'look' - puffy cheeks, pouffy lips and the inability to smile and move their mouths freely. Apparentely, when one ages, ones faces sink, enhancing wrinkles and causing one to look haggard. So, in an attempt to re-claim ones youthful perkiness and fresh face, cosmetic fillers have become all the rage, starting at a whopping $700 for one tiny ml.

I recently treated my sore back to a massage at a spa and came out with handfuls of paraphernalia on all sorts of ways to freshen and revitalise my face which evidently has been ravaged by the environment, stress, even sleeping on my pillow (did you know it pulls your face down - 'down' being the taboo word! Nothing that heads south is good news - ever). In for a massage, out for a facial re-construction. I didn't know my arterial vein had collapsed in my upper lip causing lipstick bleed - bad!! I didn't even know I had an arterial vein....

So why, when we are young, do we want to lose our cute, chubby, baby faces and look older and more mature, and when we are pushing 40, we want it all back, in strange proportions? And there are billions of money spent on all of this. Trillions even.

I am off to embrace my collapsed arterial lip vein, as well as my hollow cheeks, sagging eye-lids and snake-slit lips. I guess it is all down hill from here... Aaah, there's that 'down' word again. I meant to say, it is all peaks and troughs - hopefully peaks.

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