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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Drive on Through

It has been a particularly trying week as we have all had coughs and colds, including the twins.

There has been a lot of extra cuddles, rocking and lullaby's (and that has just been for me). A fair amount of Vicks Vapour Rub has been used for congested chests, regular doses of baby Panadol, and a lot of coffee .. for me!

After one extra long and stressful morning (and it was only 9am!) of peeling off crying babies from my legs and wiping snot from nearly every pore of their little bodies, I bundled them in the car for the 'SOS drive'. Now, the 'SOS drive' is something that every parent should be aware of and have up their sleeves for those days when life in general is getting a teensy bit overwhelming. It consists of grabbing child/children (copious children in my case), strapping them into their car seats (excellent as they can't move), filling their chubby little hands with food (for a peaceful trip), and heading towards the nearest drive-through coffee venue. The whole idea of drive-through being that you don't have to lift a cheek (or anyone else's) to get out of the car in order for your caffeine hit. Smile and wave girls, smile and wave ...

Anyway, on this particular morning, by the time, I had reached the drive-through, the biscuits were gone (feeding a cold was obviously fore-front in twin number two's mind), and she started to wail, loudly. Being the super-quick, cool-chick of a mum I am, I reached into my bag to grab something to keep her entertained, whilst at the same time, ordering my triple strong, extra hot coffee. I should have twigged that something was amiss when the young girl serving me gave the twins an odd look. After following her quizzical gaze, I turned, and saw that twin two's 'distraction toy' was indeed my super-sized tampon, complete with applicator. Twin two was having a ball sucking on the big cotton wad with the string hanging out of the corner of her mouth like a cigar, whilst trying to piece together the two applicator bits. Blissful fun!

What can one say in these instances? I grabbed my coffee and did a little nervous laugh, 'It was all I could find to keep her quiet', I whispered.

I guess I won't win 'Mother of the Year', but on a good note, it wasn't used ...

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