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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Skip, Skip, Skip to my Lou, my Darling

Our four year old daughter, and also fourth in line child, is learning to skip. She is also learning to charge, hop and gallop, as you do when you are four, going on five, but it was the skipping that made me smile.

She gave us an impromptu demo in the kitchen, her little legs slapping the floor, trying to co-ordinate all elements with the grace of a baby bull.

Little girls skip exceptionally well. It is in the DNA and generally goes hand in hand with learning how to swing themselves (which they inevitably can never remember to do when in the company of adults), control their bladders at night, wash their hands properly and try different foods (I am only talking roasted tomatoes here, not oysters killpatrick). I have never known my boys to skip - not once. I am positive. Not even a little secret skip from the toilet to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

So here's the thing .... when is skipping ok to learn, master and perform and when is it not? When does it cease being cute and girlie and turn into an anti-social, delayed behavior disorder? If teenagers skipped, they would be laughed at, ridiculed and teased. If adults skipped, they would be sent straight into an institution, don't pass 'Go', don't collect $200.

Now here is my secret ... I skipped the other day, just to see if I could still do it. The thighs wobbled a bit and my bottom took a while to bounce back to normal position but all in all, it was a good skip. A few furtive glances were taken and to my relief nobody was looking on in horror. I probably won't try it again as to be honest, the old/young pelvic floor took a bit of a beating with a single skip.

I think I will sit on the sidelines and watch my four year old skip her little heart out, twirl, dance, flick her hair about and generally embrace and enjoy her girlie loveliness. And I will look on and nurse my sagging pelvic floor.

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  1. You are hilarious!!! I skipped the other day...It was soooo much fun!! IT doesn't matter about a little wee coming out....apparetly that's aa good sign!!!! ahahha. Didn't happen to me but I did enjoy myself a lot. Love your writting. You are trully gifted young lady!!!