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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Making Friends

Our number four child, Miss four, is in the friend-making-business, and apparently there is set protocol for pre-school aged children to follow.

We were having a discussion as to what sort of birthday party Miss four would like to have for the big impending day (I must add she has not had a proper party before -dinner at Hungry Jack's doesn't count, nor does cupcakes shared with my girl-friends). When you turn five, you can't be fooled any longer and a girl needs a 'proper party' with candles and 'chocolate inside' (not quite sure what the 'chocolate inside' means, as opposed to 'chocolate outside', but this has been clearly emphasized by Miss four). It could have something to do with the fact that she is tired of applying greasy suncream lotion to her face whenever she steps out the front door, and on her special day, she would like to glow from her own specialness instead of oily cream.

So ... we want candles and chocolate and no suncream. What about the friends? She thought long and hard about that one and informed me she would let me know when she had some time to think. Wise choice. You can't rush into these commitments lightly.

Later on, the OBH heard her softly talking in the darkness of her room.
'Friend X and I, Friend x and I'.
'Is X your new friend', he asked?
'No', she replied.
'A pretend friend perhaps?'
'No' she answered.
'Does Friend X play with you at school?'
'No - but she does play with friend Y and Z, and, she is in the room next door to me'.
Right, so, the low-down is that friend X is in the pre-school class next door to Miss four. Friend X is a ring-in to Miss four's group, in-so-much that she sits with the group during play time but hasn't yet acquainted herself properly to our precious one. Friend X is not a proper friend yet. She is still an X.

Phew .. it is exhausting just writing about it. But it got me to thinking. As adults when does a friend become a friend? Is there a certain waiting period, when you morph from a stranger, to an acquaintance, or a friend-of-a-friend, to your own friend. And then when does one turn from a friend to a close friend to the coveted and highest-esteemed best friend. Let's face it, no matter what your age, every girl wants a special friend, and believe me folks, it starts in pre-school and should come with its own rule book, training DVD and bonus motivational speaker to boot. Just so everyone is on the same page and each party know what is required.

Well, I am happy to say that I have had many experiences of friends X, Y and Z, and a priviledged few make it to the inner-sanctum spot of 'very special besties'. I will just have to remember to include the candles and the 'chocolate inside', minus the oily suncream.

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