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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Discipline Days

In our household there is a fair amount of teaching and correcting.

Some days, I fear, when the moon is in some sort of strange alignment, we seem to be giving the children time-outs, send-outs and all manner of other 'outs', usually in the form of 'out of the room' or 'out of his/her personal space' or 'out of the house and chase the monkey off your back'. My parents used to say that to me which used to make 'my back-pack monkey' even madder and instead of trying to dislodge the little critter I would encourage it's presence with all manner of forbidden words and naughtiness.

Other days, we have issues with noise - lots of it, all at once and all the time. I never thought that I would view silence as a golden gift, but when I experience it, I drink it in like my last breath. I have decided that noise breeds noise, and the higher octaves of one child, spures on the next to excel at all costs.

On Saturday just gone, we had one of our naughty and noisy days and at one stage every child was in time-out, including the dog, and the OBH, who hid in the toilet with a mag. Every so often someone would peep their head out of their bedroom door, like one in battle, to see if the coast was clear. Once spotted I promptly sent them back to their beds with their tails between their legs.
After a while they all slunk back to civilisation, very repentant and very worried that ice-cream was off the menu for the day.

Sometimes I line them all up and ask them to look me in the eye, to gain maximum impact, and lo and behold, even the dog is in the line, standing to attention. Impressive hey?

However, you know what? One day, I won't have little ones to correct and the small things such as picking one's nose and growing a 'booger farm' under one's bed, will give way to picking a tux for one's wedding day.

Tissues please?

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