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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Basics

There are a few facts I have learnt along the way of my parenting journey. Here are some of my musings:

1. Children who unstack the dish washer always need to go to the toilet half way through.
2. Green vegetables cause gagging in small children.
3. It is impossible for a child to keep their toothbrush in one place, even more impossible to keep the toothpaste on the brush. It sits much easier on the taps and the front of bathroom cupboards.
4. It is too much of an imposition for growing children to remember to turn off bedroom lights. Didn't you know that the constant stretching upwards to flick the switch causes repetitive strain on tendons?
5. Breakfast cereal must be coated in sugar prior to consuming and then re-applied in layers until the bowl is finished. The job has not been executed successfully unless there is a syrupy glob at the bottom upon completion.
6. Getting out of bed on a school day is a near impossible task,however weekends are for heralding the dawn.
7. All spiders inside the house are so enormous they are called mega-spiders and require two adults, a can of spray and a whole load of screaming to remove. The fact that one needs binoculars to locate them is irrelevant. Nearly always they are red backs, deadly and their names are John or Robert.
8. Children's clothes worn for five minutes always need to be washed as it prolongs the necessity to actually fold and put them back in their drawer.
9. Children love to help to cook as long as it involves licking anything sweet or anything to do with mess.
10. In comparison, washing salad leaves is boring and does not quantify cooking.
11. Helping Mummy tidy up has a very short life span - about 60 seconds.
12. Children respond very well to bribery - as a parent use it with caution, but treat it like pure gold when you are tired and desperate. Warning - you can become financially unstable if you over-use this process.
13. boys like to read books which have the words bang, thump, pow and bum on a few of the pages.
14. Dogs which need to be exercised every day are apparently able to communicate to their owners that they don't feel up to a walk, a treat or to play. They much prefer to ponder all day and write in their diaries. They have days of being anti-social and need to have plenty of 'me-time', which co-incidently coincides with said owners lack of motivation.
15. Children's teeth have an innate ability to clean themselves which so far has baffled dentists and experts world wide. Despite the fact that there is a green tinge and a suspicious smell oozing from the open mouth, said children will swear this self cleaning ability is a work in progress.

Ok... I could continue, but enough said in one lash, after all I have six precious off-spring and I have barely scratched the surface on one of them. I think I will go clean my teeth as apparently being an adult disqualifies me from self-cleaning!

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  1. L.O.V.E this list!
    L.O.V.E it!

    Felicity x