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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Gosh, golly, gee ... where have you been?

Oh Gosh, golly, gee. Long time between blogging, folks. Anybody still out there?

Hands down, I have been incredibly remiss throughout cyber-world, but let me explain ... Where have I been and what have I been doing? Well, basically, it all comes down to this - before school break-up things, ie school plays, concerts, awards, busy bees, busy bakes, busy byes to friends. Lots of let's catch ups, let's drop in, drop by, drop everything. Even more, clearing and cleaning for the big day, not to mention shopping and shipping to distant loved ones.

Then the big day actually arrives and there is the chorus of excited children at 5am, the giving, receiving, unwrapping, clearing, eating, rushing, smiles, tears, having fun, having tantrums, being thankful, being grumpy, taking a Panadol, feeling blessed, feeling tired.

Nearly close to dropping my bundle after said big day, there were copius amounts of public holidays to follow. I didn't know where I was. It felt like we were in a void and I lost track of time, days, dates, possibly years.

Boxing Day was a blur, both the day after Christmas and the get-one-free day on the Monday. And then, lo and behold, it was my birthday. Yippee! Except most were a bit done with the celebrations and what little they had left they were putting in storage for New Year.

I am pretty sure we are in the New Year. I know it has something to do with changing ten to eleven and time marching forward.

I think I have heat fever, I think I need more tea. My hair needs a trim and my washing is in piles all over the house. I am waiting for my groove to come back, for my New Year's resolutions to appear and stimulate my mind to move but actually I think I need to lie down first.

Maybe tomorrow. What year is it again?

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  1. Hey Catherine, as you know I love reading your blog so I'm passing on a "Life is Good" award to you. Check back on my blog to see what it's all about! xx Alice