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Hi friends. To those I have met in person and the many I haven't - welcome to our nest. Thanks so much for stopping by. I am a mama of six baby birds and wife to one papa bird. Our nest is an intricately woven home, crafted over time, through the highs and lows of life, and many in-betweens. We are soon to leave our Australian nest to re-locate to our second home, the UK. This is our story, of our new life in a new country, the trials and tribulations, bidding goodbye to precious friends and embracing new. I know at times, our wings will be flapping so hard to keep us moving forward that we will tire, however, a little perseverence will bring effortless gliding amongst a soft breeze, and even stronger wings for the journey ahead. Welcome to our flight......

Monday, 27 December 2010

Oh my, Oh my!!

Gosh, golly, gee .... it's been a long time between blogging!! Anyone still out there?

In between all the festivities, drinking, eating, buying, wrapping, opening presents, sucking the marrow out of the joy in my little corner of the world and lamenting over the hard stuff, it's all been a bit - busy, when all I wanted was peace and calm.

This year I kept reminding myself to 'keep it simple'. Don't over-shop, over-extend myself, over-do, over-anything! And I really, really, really tried (I really did!) but I came to the conclusion that with six children, the simple life may be the one thing that I can't achieve.

For example, the week before Christmas, we went on a family holiday. The simple aspects were the holiday house on the coast and the fact that it was sparsley furnished with all the basics, easy to clean and keep in order. We enjoyed bbq's, went to the beach, ate pizzas fresh from the oven, trekked up a mountain in the dark, accompanied by glow sticks and plenty of courage, shared hot chips in the park, had picnics, drank great coffee and even better wine. The four eldest all slept in the same room, ate popcorn, watched DVD's and played at the park. All of these things are reminiscent of my childhood holidays.

However, the other parts were the hard bits .. the packing for eight, filling the trailer with bikes, porta cots, prams, swimming gear, food, clothing and OBH's golf clubs (aka Geoffrey's).

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