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Monday, 8 November 2010

Naughty Mummy

I was chastised this morning at school. By a four year old.

My daughter and I turned up at the correct time (quite a feat some days), we hung up her bag, retrieved the copious amounts of stuff that she 'just had to take to school', smiled politely at the other Mummies and then stumbled upon trouble.

A little urchin, not much bigger than my foot (I have monstrous feet) blocked my path, squared his frame and growled 'your kid is not allowed to wear purple elastics in her hair - wrong colour. Only blue is allowed'.

My reaction, when I picked myself up from the floor was to say, 'Yes, that is because I am a naughty Mummy and only naughty Mummies put purple elastics in their daughter's hair'.

Granted, his mum, who was standing by and watching this scenario gave an embarrassed laugh and commented that he was doing a good job of school principal for the day and then she quickly shoved him inside.

Personally, I would have preferred she gave him a clip around the ear. I think tomorrow I will do number four's hair up in pink elastics, not even matching, maybe a collage of pink, ranging from candy to raspberry to boysenberry, and then we will see what 'the elastic policeman' has to say.

Not that I am bothered about it, of course, it is just the 'principle of the matter'!

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