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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Baby Babble

My little baby girls are starting to talk. Ok, not talk, babble.

Guess what their first word was? Mumma? Nope. Beautiful Mumma? Hardly. Precious and oh-so-hard-working-Mumma? Ridiculous!! IT WAS NANNA!!! Yes, Nanna, as in grand-parent, my mum.

Now, here's the deal. If I was the one who carried them for nine months and spent most of that time with my head down the toilet, or in hospital on a drip through dehydration (all true), who was barely able to eat a full meal, or walk without feeling as though those two were going to fall out (sorry - that was an over-share!), whose poor tummy skin was stretched to gigantic proportions and then .... pushed both babies out (with drugs - lots of them) ... would you not think they would say my name first? I mean, surely they were thinking of me when they were saying 'Nanna'. They must have been because I swear they were looking at me when they were 'talking'.

So maybe I am over-exaggerating and the bottom line is it doesn't matter, however, the lovely 'said Nanna', was beside herself with excitement. There was not a hint of 'oh poor Mummy has missed out'. Nope, none, not a bit! It was more a scene of inner satisfaction as a strange sort of peace which came across her face, kind of like the universe had finally done its bit for her - and everything was as it should be - and will be forevermore.

As I said, I am fine with it. I am over it. I have dealt with it. Of course, it always helps to give the girls a teeny-weeny little pinch of their lovely, big, chubby thighs, every time they utter the 'N' word.

That is hypothetically speaking, of course, and any good and perfect mother would never do that.

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  1. Laughing so hard my sides are hurting. Take heart, they won't remember their lack of social graces when they are older. Unfortunately, you will though!