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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Masterchef Souffle'

Last night my OBH and I made a cheese and chive souffle' worthy of Masterchef critique.

We were in raptures over our magnificent puffs of egg, fetta cheese and parmesan, enhanced with fresh home-grown parsley and chives. I was super excited as I finally had the chance to use my new vintage blue and white ramekin dishes.

The kids however were less than impressed, commenting that they felt like they were eating spoonfulls of cloud fluff with no taste and the texture was a bit dodgy for their liking. We reminded them that they were indeed fortunate to be sitting down to such a fancy dish when most children would be eating fish fingers and oven chips with peas on a Saturday night. Their faces told me that they would trade their fancy, fluffy souffle' for fish fingers any night of the week.

My OBH and I ignored all of this and tucked into our little pleasures with OBH saying every few minutes that this was the highlight of his day. A bit of scoffing and muffled groans were to be heard from the offspring at OBH's constant raptures.

Unfortunately, in OBH's excitement and haste to consume another ramekin full of lovliness my brand new vintage bowl slipped from his hand and smashed all over the floor. What a shame, now I have to go and buy a whole new set. A trip to the kitchen shop is imminent and who knows what else might be on special when I go. I can never pass up a bargain.

This morning I dutifully made everybody fresh hummingbird muffins for breakfast. They were super yummy, straight from the oven. Lovely and moist with banana, crushed pineapple, coconut and lashings of butter of course. We topped them with a cream cheese and honey frosting and ate them all in one sitting. OBH however just couldn't help himself and waxed lyrical about last night's souffle once again (he was a Chef for 28 years!), to which I secretly thought that maybe, just maybe, there was a bit of overkill on the souffle' front. But hey, at least I am appreciated, and there is leftovers today (could be dodgy though - reheated in the microwave), much to the disgust of the children.

Bon Appetite!

ps - will post the recipie soon, if anybody would like to give it a try and impress their 'other better halves'!

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