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Hi friends. To those I have met in person and the many I haven't - welcome to our nest. Thanks so much for stopping by. I am a mama of six baby birds and wife to one papa bird. Our nest is an intricately woven home, crafted over time, through the highs and lows of life, and many in-betweens. We are soon to leave our Australian nest to re-locate to our second home, the UK. This is our story, of our new life in a new country, the trials and tribulations, bidding goodbye to precious friends and embracing new. I know at times, our wings will be flapping so hard to keep us moving forward that we will tire, however, a little perseverence will bring effortless gliding amongst a soft breeze, and even stronger wings for the journey ahead. Welcome to our flight......

Monday, 4 October 2010

Happy Muffin Days

This morning I went out for breakfast with my firstborn daughter and as of now I am finally settled in our new area. And it was all because of a muffin - a delicious, blueberry and maple syrup muffin, to be exact.

I am a simple girl at heart really, despite all of my complexities.

A few days ago I mentioned to my OBH that I hadn't found my place, my local hang-out (ie great coffee and home-made muffins) where I could go and escape and 'just be' for half an hour on my own. And hey presto, today I found it.

To boot, my new haunt is on the water, has a live band playing and is surrounded by tasteful boutiques and even better, most importantly, the muffin was perfect, straight from the oven, crisp on the outside but warm and soft in the middle. Seriously, you couldn't wipe the smile from my face and I excitedly blurted all of this to the poor waitress as we were leaving who gave me a 'you don't get out much' look!

Anyway, I came home, still with a silly grin on my face and announced to my OBH that I was now officially settled in our new geographical location thanks to a generous dollop of cake mixture!

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