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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Flags and Touching Words

I have a new CD to listen to when I run in the mornings. It is Brooke Fraser's latest release. The words of the signature song, 'Flags', has touched a chord with me and I wanted to share it with you.

It reminds me of the gift of friendship, of loves and lives lost and with such empathy it draws out the harshness of life, but also the promise of beauty and restoration.

Sometimes it is kind of tricky when I am running though and all I want to do is stop and have a good cry. I think if I did though I would scare our little community of neighbours. I don't think they would quite know what to do with a sobbing woman sitting on the kid's swing at the local park!

Anway here are some of the words. I hope they resonate with you in some form as well.

Blessings to you all.

Come and tell me your troubles
I am not the answer
But I am a listening ear

Reality, has left you reeling
All facts and no feeling
No faith and all fear

I don't know why good men fall
While the wicked ones stand
And our lives blow about like flags on the land

Who's there first is not important
Good intentions lie dormant
While apathy acts like an ally
My enemy and I are one and the same

I don't know why the innocent fall
While monsters still stand
I don't know why the little one's thirst
But I know the last shall be first
Of this, I am sure

I don't know why our words are so proud
Yet their promise so thin
Whilst our lives continue to blow about like flags in the wind

You, who mourn, will be comforted
You, who hunger, will hunger no more
You, who weep now will laugh again
And you, who are lonely, be lonely no more

The last shall be first
Of this, I am sure

Just reaching for the tissues again!

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  1. Hey Catherine!

    I wanted to send you a note in reply to a comment that you left on my blog today 11.02.11 but couldn't find an email.

    I've hidden this reply all the way into your 2010 posts and would think that you might delete it once you've read it.

    First of all, you don't have an email attached to your profile when you make comments - this is pretty regular but if you'd like to have more interactions with your blogging community, it might be something to consider. I've created one for my blog giftsofserendip@yahoo.com and only use it for blogging purposes.

    I was so happy when I came back to your blog and found your gorgeous mailbox with the 'email me here' note. The problem is that when I clicked the button, it took me off to the TPG website [after I dodged a nasty warning about fyshing first!] and not an email address. Hence me writing this here.

    I would imagine that lots of people would want to interact with you as your writing is terrific, but they might be coming up against a couple of walls which are really easy to knock down.

    If you're not sure about how to do this, I'm more than happy to help.
    If you think that I've overstepped the 'blogging mark' you can tell me so too. However I hope that you take all of this with the best of intentions with which it was sent,

    Felicity x