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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Disappearing Dummies

We have a strange phenomena happening in our house.

Twin girls and lots of dummies to keep them happy and settled and me also, happy and settled.

The thing is, some days the 'dummy bowl' is full to the brim and the next it is empty and we can't find them anywhere. And I mean we really can't find one single dummy. I recruit the other children to go on a 'dummy hunt' where they look under beds, in toy boxes, the laundry basket, the dogs basket - no dummies - anywhere. It is truly a mystery. But the weirdest thing is, suddenly, they all appear, out of nowhere, and nobody can take credit for finding them or putting them back.

It's causing me to become slightly unhinged, I admit. I think the dummies are joining forces with the socks that go missing periodically, as well as the red pens and the girl's hair clips and elastics, coupled with the boys lego men and my OBH's wallet.

So I decided yesterday to track the journey of these dummies and counted six in the 'dummy bowl' in the morning. The first two were easily accounted for but as the day went on and I got busier, lo and behold, they'd all gone AWOL.

I should probably get out more often!


  1. You should check puppy dog's hiding places!

  2. Maybe your older kids are playing tricks on you! It is Halloween week, after all!

  3. oh my! the memories of being thankful for dummies with twins - so made me laugh with the disappearing of them! it sure does add up to replace them all the time but it is so worth the peace they can bring for a few moments :)