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Monday, 18 October 2010

Coloured's or Whites

Now I know that this is kind of a boring house-wife type of thing. So for all my lovely readers who peruse my posts for their fix of wit (I wish!), humour and a good old chuckle at our expense, you can skip this one.

How do you launder an item of clothing that is both coloured and white? I have pondered over this for years and still don't have the answer. For example, my number one son has a top that has dark stripes with white sleeves. Does it belong to the white family or should it join the dark side?

I admit to trying both parties and neither of them leave me completely satisfied with my washing experience. The whites are too easily contaminated by the dark bits and if I swap it around and mix it with the dark entourage, the white bits turn dodgy and I have failed on both accounts. Plus, the kids walk around with grey clothes which, lets face it, is not a good look.

See my dilemma?

Here are my options:

1. I shouldn't be purchasing clothing with the wrong genetic mix
2. I should get a life
3. Can't think of 3.

I think I should go with number two.


  1. Ha I love it!!! Newest follower here..

  2. I always thing the same thing!!! Especially with red and white things, they're just gonna end up pink and white. Who decides to make these pieces, do they not realize it will need to be washed one day?

  3. I have been asking the same question. I bought Sebastian a lovely red and white striped rugby shirt the other week, it looked lovely for the first hour of him wearing it and then, he dribbled (much like twin number 2 I think). I'd not even washed it and the colours ran!!! I'm about to try a colour run remover, apparrently these are quite good, but I'll let you know! I've heard, also, that soaking items in salty water 'locks in' the colour. Next time I'll try that. Thanks for your lovely blog (the housewifely things are great too). Love, Amy