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Thursday, 30 September 2010

A Sweeper or A Sucker?

I have a theory. Women are either sweepers (ie, use a broom) or suckers (a vacuum cleaner) when cleaning their floors. Of all the people I know, there is definitely one category or another.

I am a sucker. It matches my personality, which is sightly impatient (ok - very impatient), perfectionist tendencies (most of the time with all things) and strong-willed (just like the force of that vacuum hose). To me, sweeping, is slow and laborious and there are always bits left behind and then you have to use another smaller off-spring sweeper to pick it all up! And because I really do not like to pick the dirt up with my hands, I tend to leave little piles around the house in all manner of nooks and crannies, waiting for the sucker to come and dispose of it.

I like the compact, neatness of the vacuum. All hidden and tucked away in the little bag and hopefully never to be seen again. Just the sight of a sweeper and I recoil, too much fiddling and faffing about, especially if your sweeper has bristles that 'flick' instead of 'glide and collect'.

I also like the noise of the vacuum because nobody can communicate with me. Everybody in my house is aware that if mum is vacuuming, keep your thoughts and ideas to yourself until I am done. And I tend to leave the vacuum out within easy reach, in case I want to avoid a situation or person, I have easy access to my temporary escape route.

My friend is a sweeper and when I stayed with her last year, I became a sweeper too. I was quite proud of myself as I diligently swept under the table after dinner as well as the breakfast counter and amongst the chairs. However, she told me the best thing about sweeping in some houses is the little handy device which has in-built suckers on the kitchen floor in the corners. Hey presto, you just sweep to the side and the suckers do their thing and dispose accordingly. How cool is that? And how sad that I am actually excited about that?

I did consider changing camps but as soon as I got home, I took one look at my loyal vacuum friend and we were reunited.

So what are you? A sweeper or a sucker?


  1. Love you're writing mummy, make me laugh every time i am glad to be you're daughter!! love Holly

  2. ohhh! it is a tough choice...I think I am a little of both. I love to sweep the kitchen, under the chairs, all the tile areas and I also love to do a big suck up of the carpet areas and the house...Depends what mood I am in - sometimes I just vacuum the whole place and other days I take my time and sing and sweep!