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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Kids Play

Did you ever wonder why kids love to play imaginary games?

In our house the favourite game of the past few years (!!!) has been 'The Tiger Game'. My take on it is that if anybody is feeling annoyed, grumpy or angry, they play 'The Tiger Game' which allows them to snarl, bare their teeth and pretend to rip each other apart, limb by limb, whilst walking on all fours. If excess energy abounds (usually the boys), out comes 'The Spiderman Game' which entails leaping from tall buildings, aka the furniture, and lots of finger pointing towards walls and ceilings. Usually the odd 'pow' and 'kerching' is thrown into the mix as well.

Our twin babies are included as well - as mascots. They also make good rocks and tree stumps to hide behind when the baddies come. Number 1 twin is apparently very co-operative with the games as she is the larger of the two and at the moment is crawling like a slug so she does a good job of the whole imaginary play thing. And she doesn't mind being carted around from room to room as the game progresses. Mind you, one needs a mini crane to lift her these days as she is lugged about.

Our number 4 daughter obviously has two older brothers to interact with as her game of choice these days is 'crashing and fighting' with Ben 10 or 'Sonic the Hedgehog'. She does it with style though with all the feminine touches a girl brings to a boys game - namely the lip gloss in her pink leather-look handbag, along with her hair brush and some sunnies and beads. Everything is all at the ready to fight the baddies with the boys and the babies.

Who needs play dates when we have a mini creche in our home every day?

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