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Saturday, 25 September 2010

I should, I should ...

Now... I have to write this really quickly because I should be doing lots and lots and lots of other things. Twins are in their highchair (it is dinner time) and I have just fed them two cream biscuits, one pink and one brown for nutritional variety. All first-time mothers - this is very bad!. The babies have successfully managed to smear it over everything and each other. I really should have placed their high chairs further apart.

Number four child has also demolished four biscuits. I have just finished painting a chair pink (why not?) when I should have been doing the laundry and packing to go away for our school break holiday on Monday.

There is a strange smell in the house. I think it is coming from the bin which could mean a combination of very bad nappies, leftovers and sour milk. Of course, I lit two vanilla and jasmine scented candles to disguise the smell. It's not like I want to go near the festering source.
My OBH and the three older children have been out for hours running errands and doing 'chores'. However, some of these so-called things to-do involve the shopping mall and eating ice-cream. If at any time, coffee or a treat is purchased whilst on an errand, said errand turns into an outing. So they went on an outing for three hours.

My floor is sticky, I have clothes on the line and clothes soaking and clothes waiting to be washed. Dust is well and truly at home in my abode, there are smear marks on nearly every window and mirror and goodness knows what is mutating in my fridge. Not a bother, I think I will go and give that chair a second coat.


  1. We are leaving tomorrow .. and I still haven't packed. But, hey, why do today what you can put off until tomorrow - except - that I REALLY should have packed today! Took the kids to the park and out in the sunshine instead!

  2. love this post - sounds just like my house - the kids making a mess, housework piling up and I decide to leave it all and paint a wall in our house - I then feel so much better because I did something I want to do and cleaned up the mess in a happier mood. so glad to meet you and look forward to your posts and thoughts :) welcome to the blogging world and hope you have fun...hope those twins are bringing you great joy and happiness and you are finding it twice as nice amongst the challenges that come with having 2 at the same time! Naomi x

  3. Hi Catherine, thanks for popping over to Our Park life and welcome to blogging...We are pretty new to the whole blogging thing too...

    Twins, hey? Wow! Your house sounds like my house and I have only 2 kids to contend with!

    Love Gill xo