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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Chucking a Sickie

Our number 3 son 'chucked a sickie' today. At first I wasn't surprised as the whole family have had a few weeks of the usual cold and flu type symptoms, all except number 3 son.

Maybe he felt left out whilst we were all complaining about our sore throats, achy bodies and runny noses. Was it time to take another Panadol? Where were the tissues? Who fancied a mocha-slushie for a burning throat?

Number 3 apparently felt poorly in school and advised his teacher, who took him to the sick bay (remember them from school?), who reported the unfortunate event to Dad who works at the school, who then phoned me on the land line, then mobile and then escorted him home. Quite a process for a sore throat!

So I was duly informed and all the sympathy and compassion went into overdrive. My 'poor baby' was hugged, kissed, given Panadol (!), changed into comfy clothes and then .... sent to bed ... of course. That's when his little face dropped. 'Do I have to go to bed Mummy?'

'Why yes, of course, my love', I answered, 'that's what happens when you come home from school sick'.

Fifteen minutes later I hear a creak as a door opens down the hall way. I find the little one slinking along the wall. When he sees me, he breaks into a big smile and announces, 'Mummy I feel much better now'. Hmm, back to bed and once again tucked in when all of a sudden the most offensive, stinky smell hit me in the face and hung in the air like a nasty, green gremlin with very bad bodily excretions. 'Was that YOU?', I asked my precious one.
Yes indeed. It seems a sore throat wasn't the problem but rather a gassy tummy and a smelly bo-bot! Aww bless!

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