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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Smelly Boys

My boys are getting smelly. I have two (six and nine years) and have noticed of late that their bedroom has a distinctive whiffy odour, quite pungent in the morning, particularly after a whole night of excreting 'boy air'!
It is not just the stale clothes, shoved in toy boxes or even the crusty old undies under the bed. It is more just the changing smell of two boys (one in particular) who is growing up and smelling older. Maybe it is pre-teen sweat glands firing into action and running out of his every pore or it could just be general gasses from last nights' dinner. Whatever it is, I know that soon I will need to open their bedroom door armed with protective head gear and a can of Glen 20 to sweeten the air. It might help also if the window was opened from time to time and probably help enormously, if I washed their sheets more than once every few months (seriously - but that's a secret!).
Now girls, on the other hand, always smell sweet and lovely. It is as if they are surrounded by hues of lavender and rose, washed in passion fruit and kiwi extracts with a slight hint of sugar and musk. Ok, bit over the top, but honestly the girls' bedrooms do not smell like the boys. However, the exception is the twin babies and their morning poo ritual which they manage to ceremoniously dump in their already urine soaked nappies just before they wish to arise for the day and greet the family.
I do have to state however, that my boys smell absolutely divine after they have showered, gelled their hair and used their dad's aftershave. To be able to bury my nose into their necks and have a good sniff of their loveliness is a treat and I dare say, not to be enjoyed much longer before it is out out of bounds for my sensitive sniffer!

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