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Hi friends. To those I have met in person and the many I haven't - welcome to our nest. Thanks so much for stopping by. I am a mama of six baby birds and wife to one papa bird. Our nest is an intricately woven home, crafted over time, through the highs and lows of life, and many in-betweens. We are soon to leave our Australian nest to re-locate to our second home, the UK. This is our story, of our new life in a new country, the trials and tribulations, bidding goodbye to precious friends and embracing new. I know at times, our wings will be flapping so hard to keep us moving forward that we will tire, however, a little perseverence will bring effortless gliding amongst a soft breeze, and even stronger wings for the journey ahead. Welcome to our flight......

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Other Species ...

In case you haven't noticed, men and women are very different species!

In our house we have six females (yes six, including the dog, of course), and three male species. The differences between us are astounding.
Here is a rough picture.

Firstly, the boys:
Toilet flushing is a waste of time. Save it all up till the end of the day and just give it one big flush. What's the problem with that?
Hand washing after toileting is debatable. Takes up too much time. Again, save it for the end of the day and have one big wash.
The rightful home for used undies and socks is the floor, along with shoes, hats, toys and dirty plates. Far too much effort and responsibility to remember (every day!) to put them in the laundry for the maid (me!)
A few days of not brushing teeth is fine. A good clean every now and then gets rid of the green slime and as long as the trips to the dentist are regular, what is the problem?
Needing nourishment constantly is perfectly natural. Who made the rules that we should only eat three times a day? More like 30, with liquid supplements in between!
Sleeping is boring and the night is far too long and a perfect waste of 'playing time'.

And my other better half (hmmm, I will be kind ....)
Gets distracted by anything on the telly, even when it is turned off.
Physically and genetically unable to multi-task. It is not a case of not being willing, he is unable (bless!!) Exceptions are sitting on the toilet and reading a mag or having a mouth full of food and keeping an eye on the telly.
Has short term goals (very short, ie, minute by minute) but is not quite able to meet them due to the fact that I (!!!!!) am a constant distraction and he can't stay focused on the task. Now that's a good one!
Absolutely cannot put away the laundry. Again, would love to be able to do it, but is just unable, due to the confusion factor of all the different articles of clothing. Not to mention, the copious amounts of socks and jocks. Sorry, but just not his thing...
Anything technical that needs attention, ie, pc, stereo, tv, i-pod, Wii, Nintendo, etc, etc, takes precedence over anything else in the house, including feeding children and clearing up. He wishes it were different, but it is just the way it is
And lastly, (because really I could go on for quite some time) there is the' leftover food from dinner scenario'. Any remaining morsels from dinner must sit on the bench for at least 3 hours before placed in the fridge. Notwithstanding the fact that it takes less than 30 seconds to Gladwrap and open the fridge door, they MUST stay out for this amount of time.

And now to the girlie's of the household...
Well that's easy. We are the complete opposite of all of the above, always correct, positively witty and charming and perfect in all we do and accomplish. We have superb organisational skills, excellent time-management, clever, intuitive and forward-thinking. Some would say, the 'rock' of the family. It's a tough call but somebody has to do it:)

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