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Hi friends. To those I have met in person and the many I haven't - welcome to our nest. Thanks so much for stopping by. I am a mama of six baby birds and wife to one papa bird. Our nest is an intricately woven home, crafted over time, through the highs and lows of life, and many in-betweens. We are soon to leave our Australian nest to re-locate to our second home, the UK. This is our story, of our new life in a new country, the trials and tribulations, bidding goodbye to precious friends and embracing new. I know at times, our wings will be flapping so hard to keep us moving forward that we will tire, however, a little perseverence will bring effortless gliding amongst a soft breeze, and even stronger wings for the journey ahead. Welcome to our flight......

Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Normal Day

I am often asked what was it that I did during the day, or how was my week just gone?

Here is a snapshot; -

Wake to hungry babies, feed babies milk, then solids, feed other four children, change nappies, dress little ones, clean-up, tidy-up, wash, feed children, clean-up, tidy-up, wash, feed children, tidy, tidy, pick-up, feed children - oh, here's a good one, feed myself! After a bit of nutritional intake I then have the energy to put pooey nappies in the bin outside and manage to catch a few minutes of Vitamin D (good for skin rejuvination and depression - which is OBVIOUSLY WORKING!) and at the same time, multi-task whilst checking the mail, doing a few stretches, take a deep breath and a quick peak at the world outside. Yippee!!

I am surrounded (constantly) by a cacophony of noise, lots of noise and talking and screaming and the dog barking and silliness and laughing and tantrums and slammed doors and running through the house and tears (usually mine!). Also there is a lot of 'Muuuuummmmmy where are you? Can you do this? Get that? Fix this? Change that? Listen to me, me, me, me, me! Tell him that, tell her that. I need, I want, please move, please stay. Will you take me? Can I have this? How much? How long? How soon? How far? When? Why? How do you know? (easy answer to that one - because Mummy knows everything!)

That is just a normal day. The extra special ones go like this:-

Wake to hungry babies. Go back to sleep. Aaahhh it is the weekend and the reinforces are here, aka, OBH (other better half) and guess what, he (bless his heart) is on roster and I get to sleep in! That is if OBH doesn't try to fiddle with said roster and also squeeze in a few extra zzz's, in which case his bride, aka, ME, is not a happy mummy or wife and you know the saying, 'If Mumma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy'. At least in our household anyway:)

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