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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Burping Bot-Bots

Two posts in one day! Wow, I am on a roll! This will keep my lovely followers happy!

You know, when I was younger, the subject of breaking wind, was a delicate one. Not the actual act of doing so because lets face it, nothing is delicate about it, or pleasant or socially acceptable. As a child it was very frowned upon to say the word 'fart', one part common, one part just plain crass. As an adult, I still feel like a naughty little girl when I let the word 'fart' slip. That's the word not the deed!!

My children aren't allowed to use it, not that they haven't tried, but upon doing so, they have been silenced with my disgust at the disgusting word. Even though, these days, it is perfectly acceptable to use.

I will never forget my utter mortification on this subject when I was a teen. I was in hospital, having just undergone an emergency appendectomy (sounds dramatic doesn't it) and a youth worker came to visit me. He was a totally drop-dead gorgeous, tall, dark, and smouldering young man and I was in awe in his presence! And to add to his list of credentials he visited me on my sick bed. Anyway there he was and there was I, all pale, sick and tragic looking. And the nurse breezes in, without so much of a glance at my visitor and poses the question, 'Catherine, have you FARTED today love?' Oh the mortification of it all, the utter red-faced embarrassment! I had indeed FARTED (!!!!) but I WASN'T TELLING HER THAT IN FRONT OF HIM!!!

Anyway, in our household we use the more appropriate sounding words such as 'tooting' (has a nice ring to it), 'breaking wind', the more delicate sounding 'fluff' or 'pop' or 'did your bot-bot burp?' (cute and tactful don't you think?)

That is except for the OBH (other better half). When he releases (which is often and loud and enough to singe your nose hairs, catch in the back of your throat, hold you down on the ground and leave you gasping for air), I find myself always saying with total distaste 'Did you just FART?!' 'That is absolutely disgusting, your insides must be rotten'. In his case, I am sorry Mum and Dad, but FART is the only word to describe it.

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