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Hi friends. To those I have met in person and the many I haven't - welcome to our nest. Thanks so much for stopping by. I am a mama of six baby birds and wife to one papa bird. Our nest is an intricately woven home, crafted over time, through the highs and lows of life, and many in-betweens. We are soon to leave our Australian nest to re-locate to our second home, the UK. This is our story, of our new life in a new country, the trials and tribulations, bidding goodbye to precious friends and embracing new. I know at times, our wings will be flapping so hard to keep us moving forward that we will tire, however, a little perseverence will bring effortless gliding amongst a soft breeze, and even stronger wings for the journey ahead. Welcome to our flight......

Saturday, 22 May 2010

A Bit here, A Lot There ...

We are in the midst of moving house. When you think about it, the actual process of removing absolutely EVERY possible thing from your house, including dirt, dust and grime, is a mammoth task. No wonder it is on the list of the top ten most stressful life events. And talking about 'things' I have to share with you about the 'bits and bobs box'. Why is it that whenever you move house (or even when you are actually occupying it) there is always a drawer or box or shelf or plastic bag full of bits. Just bits. Nobody really ever needs them or would miss them should you discard them, but they are kept anyway for the day when we will get around to returning it to its rightful home or owner. You know what I am talking about - the lego pieces, the decapitated dolls leg, elastic bands, rogue pegs, broken necklace, safety pins, nail clippers, 5c coins, hair clips, kid's baby teeth, blue tack and, of course, an alan key (you know the thing that comes with every bit of Ikea furniture) - there is always an alan key, except when you want to use one. I am so often tempted to upend it all in the wheelie bin and visualise the stress melting away as I turn my back on all the stuff. I have even got as far as hovering over the bin, my hand just about to tip it all in and then I hesitate, maybe, just maybe, I will need that extra large, pink, safety pin tomorrow to hold together some very important document that would otherwise be misplaced or lost without it. So I sigh and walk away defeated, that once again, the 'things' have gained control and won.

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  1. chuck it all!!!!! if you ever need anything from your bits and bobs......come and get it from MY bits and bobs !!!!!!