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Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Sock Void ...

I have just been through my sock basket. Now I know that there has been much said about socks going missing and disappearing into some invisible 'sock void' or indeed transported to another planet completely where they become alive and the whole land is full of them going about their business. But ... seriously, we have an epidemic in our house!

I feel like I am just a go-between for the little critters, crossing over from this life into the next. I can keep my eye on them carefully as I place (ok, throw!) them into the washing machine. One pair of blue, one pair of pink with stripes, one teeny-tiny pair with stars, one pair with ears and googly eyes, check, all accounted for. All safe, all together. Then I make the fatal mistake of walking away and this is where I think it all happens. The minute I turn my back, they, the socks, do their 'void thing' because when I go to put them on the line, the pairs don't match. How can that be? Over and over it happens until I am left with all the odd socks and no pairs.

At least they could go together and not leave their partner. What is the point of just one going?
Maybe in 'sock land' they have mixed marriages or something and being a pair (or identical sock twin) is just plain boring. Every few months I end up throwing a whole heap in the bin and starting all over again and well, it kind of gets expensive, this whole go-between thing.

And for the ones left over in our home and heaven forbid, there is an actual pair still together, the dog is waiting, just waiting for me to drop one so she can whip it in her mouth and leg it outside to maim and destroy.

So anyway, I am off to buy more socks:)

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